Thursday, November 30, 2006

User Queries

I get quite a range of email requests and queries, some of which are highly specific, but others may be of more general interest, so I will pass them along. One user recently asked if the reason that the letters u, v and w are not in the History of Individual Letters section was because they are too hard. Fear not, nothing is too hard! I have been gradually assembling that section from sample letters already on the site in various examples, working my way steadily through the alphabet. Hopefully we will get to the end soon, including u, v and w.
Another reader has asked for higher resolution images in the paleography exercises. There is always a compromise in photographic images between quality and image size, which affects download time quite drastically. As the exercises are essentially introductory, I have perhaps favoured speed over very high quality. I would be reluctant to put very slow loading images into the exercises as such, as I think people would give up before they downloaded, but I would be interested to hear if anybody else would be interested in higher resolution images placed in a separate download area. There would have to be a number of you out there wanting this, as it would take up a fair bit of storage space.

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