Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cultural Heritage

    I expect This section to grow as I plough through my photograph collection. Of course tombs are cultural heritage, as are the remains I discuss while touring with Leland, not to mention manuscripts, but these are for the observations that don't fit into those categories.

Manuscripts and Stained Glass What is stained glass for?
Not Just a Big Church An introduction to medieval religious communities and the traces they have left. More to come on this.
Heritage Sites: Trendy and Not Trendy Why we should look for our history in some less glamorous places.
Gotta Love Antiquarians A celebration of antiquarian writers and illustrators and what we can learn from them.
Where Did the Stones Go? A meandering wonderment on the fate of the stones of vanished buildings.
Visual History: Magnifying Glass or Fun Fair Mirror? A bit of a ramble on the art of seeing in a historical context.

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