Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to the Myopic

Some little while ago I discovered a comment on somebody else's blog complaining that the fonts on this blog were way too small. What actually happened was that when I changed my blog template, somehow all the existing postings got changed to a teensy weensy little font. It seemed that it could only be fixed by manually going into the html, so I did it for the most recent, and figured nobody reads old blog postings anyway. It seems they do, so I have gone through and fixed the rest, I think. So if you want to amuse yourself by reading old blog postings over Christmas, you won't need to buy a new pair of glasses. Cheers, have a good holiday!


Anonymous said...

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H. Doug Matsuoka said...

Happy New Year! This isn't really a comment to your post although I always used to hit command-+ on my Safari browser to increase the font size when I got to your blog. I notice that Blogger has finally implemented a mobile template so people reading on iPhones and the like can read posts.

If you want to implement it, from your Dashboard, go "Design," then hit the "Email & Mobile" tab. The first option is marked "Show mobile template."

It's marked Beta, but it seems to work quite well.


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