Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Google and Link Lists

One of the oddities I find whenever I check the web stats for Medieval Writing is that the site receives a regular trickle of hits from link sites which are seriously out of date. The users might have found Medieval Writing, but presumably they have also encountered a large number of 404s in their travels. Trolling around Google recently to see if anything new had popped up in my field of interest, it became apparent that the link sites which came up near the top of the Google list were mostly very out of date, with many dud links. Presmably, having established their place near the top of the list, they stay there if people keep trying to use them. Google, despite what it says in its own publicity, does not measure significance or relevance, only clicks.
I guess the responsibility for keeping the web up to date lies with the users. If you haven't updated your link site since around 2000 and don't intend to real soon, please take it down.

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Anonymous said...

I count myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have been led to your web site during my sailing through the intermidable seas of the Internet.

I have recently been launched into a new (side) career as writer of fiction and yours is a site that will prove pivitol in my new novel.

Nice to meet you both. Hopefully in person one day.